What’s Next?

I am officially at a crossroads.  What do I work on next?  In all honesty, there is no shortage of work to complete, which might be part of the problem.  It’s sort of like being  a kid in a candy store.  While I want to eat tackle a bunch of candy tasks all at once, I’m afraid that after the sugar-rush thrill wears off I’m just going be an over indulgent DIY’er laying on the ground with a stomach ache.   To avoid this sugar coma I’ve decided to narrow my focus down to one task.  Wall framing.

Much like the floor, framing a wall sounds easy in theory, but I have a feeling it will be much more complex when I really sink my teeth into it.  On a positive note, I think we’ve come to a decision on how the wall will look down the line.  Here’s what we’re working with right now:


Now you might remember in one of my earlier posts that I discussed the idea of installing a sliding barn-door in front of the closet.  In case you need to refresh your memory, here’s a link to that post:

The Hassle of Doors

The plan is still to cover the closet with a sliding barn door, however, the plan has evolved a bit since I last posted about it.  Rather than building a wall, covering it in drywall and calling it a day, the new plan is to take the extra step to cover that wall in wood paneling.

Here are a few pictures of different paneling options that I like:







To aid me in my quest for wood paneling, I decided to call upon the discarded and disheveled masses.  The cast aways.  Those that once had homes, but find themselves sitting patiently as they wait for that one special person who will see the beauty they possess inside, underneath the years of neglect and grime.

That’s right!  It’s salvage yard time!  

Normally the salvage yard visits are more for brainstorming ideas and are less about actually finding quality merchandise; however, this weekend was different.  Leaning against a wall like a tall dark stranger, beckoning me with a bewitching glance, were two unopened boxes of unfinished walnut flooring.  I was torn.  Should I listen to my head that’s telling me to ‘stay away’ lest I be disappointed to find that underneath that dark and alluring veneer is a weathered and worn interior that has seen better days, or should I listen to my heart that says ‘go for it!’  I mean, we all have parts of us that are weathered and worn.  For me, it’s my drilling hand, so why be so quick to judge?  

In the end, my heart won out and I went home as giddy as a school girl with these beauties:

walnut  walnut2

Now, in reality two boxes only amount to a space of about 6 feet by 8 feet.  With that said, I’m sure I can find some more walnut flooring to match, or I could even mix and match this wood with some other wood to come up with a cool look.

Either way, listening to my heart was the way to go.  I couldn’t be happier with the new additions to the household and I can’t wait to see them up on the wall!

Next up…building a wall!


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