What’s Happenin’?

You may be wondering what has been happening over the last few days.

Perhaps you have a vision of me dressed in my flannel shirt, Carhart pants and protective eyewear, revving power tools dangerously, yet thrillingly, in my hands while willing my In Law unit to build itself using pure intimidation…


I mean, I don’t want to say that you’re wrong, but…

As you may recall, last weekend I made some great progress on projects that required reaching over my head.  Well, what I didn’t mention was that I also made some minimal progress on projects that required me to be hunched over.  Specifically, showing that jack hammer who’s boss.  Well, as it turns out, the jack hammer is boss.  Also, I’ve renamed the jack hammer, the back hammer.

I was able to dig this hole though…

2013-03-23 14.53.46

Unfortunately, it is about half the size that it needs to be for the plumber.  I expect that digging will resume in the next few days.

In the mean time (as I let my back heal so I can once again resume back-hammering) I’ve been in planning mode.  Mostly, I’ve been dreaming about our future subfloor.  For a few reasons, not the least of which is cost, I’ve decided to build a subfloor rather than pour concrete.  This decision requires me to try and access the recesses of my mind for the little bit of geometry that I learned in high-school that remains (much of which has since been replaced by cute kitty memes)


The problem is trying to build a sub-floor to handle all of the varying levels of concrete.


While I’d like to try and keep the floor as low as possible (thus making the room less cave-like), I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it will need to be raised up a bit in order for it to be made level.  First, here’s a description of the different components of a framed a floor:


My plan is to use 2″x6″ pressure treated wood to build out the framed sub-floor. I’ll install a header joist on top of the “curb” (aka foundation) and attach it to the wall.  Since I will be using pressure treated lumber, I think I can get away with not installing a ‘sill plate.”  If you have any expertise in this area please feel free to chime in.  Adding the sill plate would raise the floor up another inch & a half, which I’d like to avoid.

From there I’ll frame out the floor.  There is about a 4″ difference in floor height from one side of the floor to the other.  I’ll have to put in a few wedges and 2×4’s to level things out, but I think I can do it.


Looks easy enough.  Considering I’ve never framed anything before, I suspect I’ll learn a lot in the process of building this floor.  I find solace in knowing that the worst that can happen is that it won’t be level or that the floor will feel squishy.  Either way, it’s still an improvement over what the floor is currently like.

  1. I love this blog. Beth you are goddamned hilarious and totally amazing.

    *Meg Allen* *www.megallenstudio.com* *(510) 682-0902*

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