Did this use to be a barn?

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and he was suspecting that my current In-Law unit was once a deck that was enclosed.  This would explain the strange mixture of new and old wood that I’ve found underneath the drywall.

Well, today the asbestos guys came out and nearly completed the demolition of the room for me!  (Yay for asbestos guys!)  All that’s left is that subfloor and a little insulation.

2013-03-06 16.47.11

If you ask me, now it resembles more of a rustic barn then either a deck or an In Law unit.  On the positive side, there is a secret part of me that always wanted to live in a barn.  I’m pretty sure that I can thank my childhood love of horses and the film ‘National Velvet’ for that.



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