The Plan

I know that I probably should have started the blog with this information, but better late then never…right?

Here’s a map of the current In Law unit’s design.


The bar & kitchenette make the already small space that much smaller.  The goal with this project is to make this space a comfortable ensuite guestroom.  This requires us to remove the kitchenette & bar, along with the “gimp closet.”  The “gimp closet” is in the bathroom and is super creepy.  It’s dark and not particularly functional.  Rather than having shelving or a clothing rack, like most closets, it has a bench.  If, rather then shelving and a place to hang clothing, it has a bench, what are you supposed to put in there?  That’s right…the gimp.  Since our family does not currently have a gimp, the closet will be removed.

Here’s the design for the future In Law unit:


As you can see, the room will have more of an open floor plan.  We will also be putting in a sliding glass door for easy access to the back yard.


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