Update on ‘My First Renovation’ Project

I thought I’d provide a quick update on where things currently stand with “My First Renovation Project” (as it will forever be known).  My schedule lately has been

  • Go to work
  • Run home at lunch to meet a contractor/plumber/structural engineer/(insert professional something here)
  • Run back to work and finish my actual paying job
  • Run home from work and demolish something
  • Run to woodworking class and build furniture
  • Run home from woodworking class
  • Relax.  

Phew…makes me tired just thinking about it.  Now, you might be thinking “why does Beth need to meet a professional when she’s doing a DIY project?”  That’s an excellent question blog reader.  The reason is two-fold.

First, I have never done this before and have acquired an awesome crew of people supporting me through this process.  Second, because I know my limits and some of the work that needs to be done is beyond my expertise.

One of the great things about this whole project, though, is that all of my professionals are fully supportive of my ambitious DIY goal, and are willing to teach me what I need to know and step in when the scope calls for it.  Take today (over lunch) for example.  After looking over a few items in the In Law, my contractor told me she’d be happy to lend me her jack hammer to rip up some concrete.  In some places in the world friends or neighbors might borrow sugar.  In my world. we lend each other jack hammers!  Luckily, I am currently in need of a jack hammer, so this was perfect timing.

That leads us to the update.

Last weekend I was able to rip out the gimp closet!  Not only is this good news because it means that we are no longer obligated to house a gimp, it also means we have a nice and large (feeling) room.  Check it out.





As for what’s next…well, this weekend I will be focusing on two things.  First, opening up the former deck (current ceiling) to find out what secrets are underneath.  Hopefully I will find some pretty ceiling joists holding up the mud room above.


I also plan on taking a jack hammer to the bathroom floor to open up the concrete around the drains.  Then the plumber can come in and see about putting in a vent.  If I can do that demolition, That will save me quite a bit of money.


As usual, I have my work cut out for me.  Overall, this project hasn’t been going nearly as quickly as my ambitious schedule predicted.  With that said, I’m happy with the current pace.  I’m learning something almost every day, and it’s pretty thrilling trying to figure things out.

That’s it for now!


  1. stace said:

    Can’t wait to stay in our new room! Wee!!!

  2. Sandra said:

    I am highly impressed!

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