I know that I probably should have started the blog with this information, but better late then never…right?

Here’s a map of the current In Law unit’s design.


The bar & kitchenette make the already small space that much smaller.  The goal with this project is to make this space a comfortable ensuite guestroom.  This requires us to remove the kitchenette & bar, along with the “gimp closet.”  The “gimp closet” is in the bathroom and is super creepy.  It’s dark and not particularly functional.  Rather than having shelving or a clothing rack, like most closets, it has a bench.  If, rather then shelving and a place to hang clothing, it has a bench, what are you supposed to put in there?  That’s right…the gimp.  Since our family does not currently have a gimp, the closet will be removed.

Here’s the design for the future In Law unit:


As you can see, the room will have more of an open floor plan.  We will also be putting in a sliding glass door for easy access to the back yard.


The day is finally here!  I’m taking the plunge!  No, I’m not getting married.  Well, not yet that is.  I’m starting my very first renovation!  I’ve been waiting for this day ever sense I was a kid trying to build a skateboard out of a few planks of wood and some caster wheels.  Let’s hope this project turns out better then that one did.

Speaking of project, let me tell you a little bit about what I’m doing.  Last year my fiancé and I purchased a 1920’s Edwardian house.  Our first grown-up house!  It has two bedrooms, a couple bathrooms and an In Law unit.  This In Law is going to be my first renovation project.

To give you a sense of the current state it is in, when you walk in it smells like a fragrant potpourri of mildew and cigarettes.   Years of neglect have made the space less than ideal as a guest room, which is where I come in!  I have no background in construction, but consider myself an avid DIY’er.  I love getting into things and figuring them out.  I love building things with power tools, and looking online for resources to troubleshoot issues.  I’m also a big fan of HGTV and the DIY Network.  Let’s hope all of this “home schooling” has properly prepared me for what I’m in for.


The In Law is not particularly large. Splitting the room in two is a bar that is on a raised platform. I’m not sure what is under that platform, but I’ll find out soon enough.

The bathroom has a tub/shower combo, a vanity, a toilet and a LOT of mold.


Just another shot of the ugly bathroom.

Stay Tuned…