Putting The In-Laws to work on the In-Law

This week was particularly fun!!  Not because I was able to get a lot done in the In Law unit, as you might suspect, but because the in-laws were visiting!  And what do you do when the in-laws visit, you ask?  Put them to work of course!

As you might remember, one of the windows I needed to install was ordered with the wrong dimensions.  Conveniently enough, the new window arrived not long after our family arrived.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to encourage them to put their own stamp on the project that has been named after them. Luckily for me, Terry, my father-in-law, actually had an interest in getting his hands dirty and lifting heavy objects.  There are few things heavier than new windows, so this worked out perfectly.


Here’s where we started:


When we installed the sliding glass door and the bathroom window we framed the space where this last window would live.  Having the space already framed made the process of installing this window much faster.



One thing that I learned while working with Terry to complete this task was that I am very easily distracted by enjoyable conversation.  Unfortunately, Terry is a fun and interesting person, which is a huge distraction to this DIY’er.  This means that I failed to fulfill my DIY’er responsibilities and document the entire process of window installation.  I can only hope that you, my blogging audience, can forgive me, and that my DIY membership pin (that I built, of course) isn’t revoked.

A result of this lack of DIY’ing evidence is that it appears as if the window unwrapped itself, waddled up to the hole in the wall and effortlessly leapt into place:

Ta Da!


While the window would like to take full credit for the installation, the reality is that (despite my encouragement) a magical arm did not extend from the window to affix itself to the exterior wall.  In the end, it took the combined teamwork of Terry and myself to get this task completed.  Now if only we could get the in-laws to come and visit more often we’d get this project done in a flash!

In the mean time, with a little help from family we’ve finished all of the windows, and are on to the next task.


  1. Joan and Terry Earls said:

    Oh, my! Imagine the idea that I am a distracting person!! I’m just a busy beaver who likes to chatter! Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:09:57 +0000 To: wolohan@hotmail.com

  2. The problem is that you’re too fun to talk with. Rather than whipping out my camera at every turn, I get engrossed in conversation. You should really try and work on that Terry 🙂

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